What You Don’t See Matters.

The mission of PDi2 is to increase awareness about options for underground power infrastructure. We will use data to provide objective means to evaluate when and where undergrounding makes sense.

  • Help utilities justify investment decisions based on data-driven life-cycle cost analysis
  • Educate stakeholders on all technology and construction options to determine the most viable, reliable and cost-effective solution for the installation of transmission and distribution systems when evaluated via life-cycle cost analysis
  • Convey qualitative and quantitative value of underground to all stakeholders
  • Develop common methods by which cable systems can be evaluated from both a utility and public value perspective
  • Communicate the methodology to utilities, individual state utility commissions and other influencers
  • Actively promote developed models as an enabler for grid extension in North America with all members of the value chain – including utilities
  • Influence more actively as part of the North America power industry
  • Geography: priority is North America
  • Modeling data will help drive focus areas
  • Initially focus on new infrastructure, then existing/rehabilitation projects
  • Primary focus is HV transmission
  • Initiate modeling projects that consider:
    • Population density
    • Areas prone to storms/repeated outages
    • Land values
    • Growing economic regions
    • Political climate
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